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    Dog Shelter seeking dog foster care homes

    Posted by: Community Services - Dog Services

    ​Marion County Dog Shelter is currently recruiting for volunteer dog foster care homes. Foster care home volunteers are taught to feed, groom, socialize, train, and medicate the dogs – all from the comfort of their own homes. Fosters are given all of the supplies needed to care for the foster dog including medical supplies, food, leashes, bowls, toys, and more.  "Providing a foster home is one of the best things you can do to help stray dogs. Fostering a dog not only helps with the future adoption of the animal, it also helps free up kennel space for other dogs in need," said Ashleigh Young, Foster Care Coordinator.

    Some of the most common reasons dogs are sent to foster care are minor medical issues such as skin problems requiring daily medication, additional training needs, or nervous behavior in the shelter environment. When the animal is ready to be adopted, the shelter will post the dog's story and photographs on the shelter website and actively seek to find a loving home. Foster providers are also welcome to participate in outreach events.

    Foster care homes must be able to provide a safe, caring, and stable environment for the foster dog. Fostering can be a great opportunity for those that wish to volunteer, but feel they don't have time for a more traditional volunteer role. Fostering allows flexibility, takes place in your own home, and is something the whole family can be involved in.

    To sign-up or learn more about the Marion County Dog Shelter foster care program, contact Foster Care Coordinator Ashleigh Young at (503) 316-6698 or email ​

    Dog Shelter seeking dog foster care homes
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