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    Posted by: Sheriff's Office

    News Release from Marion Co. Sheriff's Office
    Posted on FlashAlert: February 4th, 2018 9:52 AM
    Early this morning around 4:00 a.m., rescuers began carrying the injured hiker to an area where he could be hoisted to safety. The hoisting location is some 600 feet below where the hiker fell and it took rescuers nearly 4 hours to carry the man to that location. At 09:20 a.m., the hiker Andrew Agnesse,(Pronounced; "In-Yes") age 21, of Beaverton was air lifted and transported to the Salem Hospital with serious injuries.

    From our investigation deputies believe Mr. Agnesse and two of his friends entered the woods near Henline Falls, yesterday afternoon. None of the men were prepared for the conditions and attempted to climb terrain beyond their skill level, resulting in the fall and injury to Mr. Agnesse. This incident is a reminder to all of our residents and visitors to always be prepared for conditions when recreating outdoors.

    The Sheriff's Office would like to thank all of those rescuers who made this operation possible.

    Corvallis Mountain Rescue
    Stayton Fire Department
    Gates Fire Department
    Salem Fire Department
    Linn County Sheriff's Office
    Lane County Sheriff's Office
    Marion County Search and Rescue
    Army Air National Guard

    Images of the rescue are available at this link:


    Tonight around 11:30 p.m., Corvallis Mountain Rescue, Linn County Search and Rescue and Marion County Search and Rescue began the hike in to assist in the recovery of the injured hiker. Due to the terrain the vast majority of the team was turned around and 8 climbers continued in to the injured man.

    At 12:20 a.m., those climbers reached the injured man and are now working to assess the situation and begin planning the rescue. The below link contains images of those climbers beginning their ascent.


    At 8:15 p.m., rescue personnel reached the injured hiker and are now rendering him aide. Rescuers are describing the man as being seriously injured. Due to the extreme terrain and dangerous conditions rescuers will be waiting until first light before moving the injured man.

    Specialized teams with Corvallis Mountain Rescue and The Army Air National Guard will be arriving at first light to begin evacuation procedures. Deputies have learned that the hiker was exploring waterfalls with friends and fell after attempting to reach a higher peak to view the falls. Rescuers will remain with the man until he can be transported.

    This story will be updated when additional information is available.


    Today at 5:30 p.m. the Marion County Sheriff's Office was called after a man fell approximately 30 feet near Henline Falls.

    Deputies believe the man is seriously injured and in need of immediate rescue. Fire personnel from several agencies along with members of the Sheriff's Office search and rescue team are responding and attempting to locate the man now. Additionally Deputies are in the process of requesting assistance from the Army Air National Guard. No one is currently with the injured man.

    The area searchers are responding to is very remote and it will take some time before teams can arrive at the location where the man is believed to be.

    This release will be updated as soon as more details are available that time frame is not yet known.
    Contact Info:
    Primary PIO Phone: 503. 584. MCSO (6276)
    Public Information Officer Lt. Chris Baldridge
    Cell Phone: 503.930.0579
    On Twitter: @MCSOInTheKnow

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