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    Reduced Bridge Load Rating

    Posted by: Public Works

    South River Road: Willamette River Bridge
    Independence, OR 
    Bridge #05789A

    SALEM, OR – ODOT recently completed an updated load rating analysis for the South River Road Independence Bridge (bridge #05789A) over the Willamette River. As a result of ODOT's analysis, all single unit trucks will be limited to 25 tons gross vehicle weight and all tractor-trailers will be limited to 27 tons gross vehicle weight. The following sign will be posted at each end of the bridge, as well as major roads leading to the bridge. The sign depicts single unit and multi-unit truck configurations along with the respective weight limit for that configuration. These load restrictions will not affect passenger vehicles, pickups, RVs and other non-commercial vehicles.

    The County is required to post the bridge within 30 days of receiving notice of a load rating resulting in a reduction in load capacity.  An alternative route exists for many trucks via Highway 22 through West Salem. Reducing the allowable truck loads on this bridge will prevent over-stress of the structure and will help preserve this vital community link.

    If you have questions or concerns regarding this notice, please contact Jeff Johnson, Office Specialist, at (503) 588-5036 or by email at   

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    Reduced Bridge Load Rating
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